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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors





Circuit Design


Regular electrolytic capacitor has polarities. Reversing voltage causes short circuit breakage of the capacitor or leakage of electrolyte. Thereforea bipolar capacitor should be used where the polarity in a circuit is reversed or unknown.


Do not overload voltage continuously. Leakage current increases drastically when voltage is overloaded to the capacitors.

3Operating temperature and Life time

Do not use the capacitor over the maximum operating temperature. Life time of capacitor depends on its operating temperature. Generally, life time is doubled per10℃decrease.

4Explosion-proof Vent

It is recommended at least3mmof space around the vent. If such space is not provided, the vent will not operate completely.


5Ripple Current

Do not apply a ripple current exceeding the rated maximum ripple current. Apply too much ripple current to the capacitor causes great heat generation, invites deterioration of properties of canes breakage. Please consult factory if ripple current exceeds the specified limit.


6Charge and discharge

Frequent and quick charge/discharge generates heat inside the capacitor. This will cause increase of leakage current, decrease of capacitance, or breakage occasionally. Please consult us for assistance in this application.

7-金沙2004.cm游戏Tangent of loss angle increases at higher frequencies

The tangent of loss angle (Tanδ) increases as the applied frequency becomes higher whereas decreases as the ambient temperature become higher.


8Capacitance decreases at higher frequencies

    The capacitance value is measured at 120Hz.

The capacitance decreases as the applied frequency becomes higher whereas increases as the ambient temperature become higher.

9 Sleeve insulated

The sleeve of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors is not recognized as an insulatorand therefore the standard Capacitors should not be used in a place where insulation functions is needed


10 Capacitors assembling environment

Do not locate any wiring and circuit patterns at the assembling position of the capacitors;Do not design a circuit that heat generating components are arround the Capacitor;


Assembling capacitors.


(1)         -金沙js333Electrolytic Capacitors cannot be recycled after Mounting and applying electricity in unit;

(2)         Capacitors may accumulate charge naturally during storage. In this case,discharge it with a resistor of 1KΩ;

(3)         Leakage current of capacitors may be increased durin storage.In this case, the capacitors should be subject to voltage treatment through a resistor of 1KΩ;

(4)         Ensure capacitors polarity and specified capacitance and voltage before mounting;

(5)         Do not use a capacitor which has been dropped onto a hard surface;

(6)         Do not use a capacitor which damaged or dented cases or seals;

(7)         Pitch between lead and lead of capacitor must match the distance between hole and hole on the PCB;

(8)         Avoid excessive force when clinching lead wire during autoinsertion process.


Improper soldering temperature/time may shrink or break the insulating sleeve and/or damage the internal element as terminals and lead wires conduct heat into the capacitor. So please avoid too high soldering temperature and/or too long soldering time.

Typical failure modes and factors of aluminum electrolytic capacitors