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Attentions to Intelligent Power Module Usage

1、-澳门金沙7727Cautions for Storage

Ensure that storage conditions comply with the standard temperature (5 to 35) and the standard relative humidity (around 40 to 75%) and avoid storage locations that experience extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

Avoid locations where dust or harmful gases are present and avoid direct sunlight.

Reinspect for rust in leads and solderability that have been stored for a long time.

2Cautions for characteristic Tests and Handling

When characteristic tests are carried out during inspection testing and other standard tests periods, protect the devices from surge of power from the testing device, shorts between the devices and the heatsink.

3Screwing torque

Thetorque of screwing to the heatsink shall be 58.8 to 78.4 N-金沙国际·cm (6.0 to 8.0 kgf·cm). When screwing, there shall be no foreign substance between the product and the heatsink, except for silicone grease.

4Remarks in using silicone grease for a heatsink

When silicone grease is used in mounting this product on a heatsink, it shall be applied evenly and thinly. If more silicone grease than required is applied, it may produce forced stress.

Volatile type silicone grease may produce cracks after elapse of long term, resulting in reducing heat radiation effect. Silicone grease with low consistency (hard grease) may cause cracks in the mold resin when screwing the product to a heatsink.


When soldering the products, please be sure to minimize the working time, within the following conditions.

260±5°C 10sec.

380±10°C 5sec. Solderingiron-澳门金沙
at a distance of 1.5 mm from the main body of the Products

6Considerations to protect the Products from Electrostatic Discharge

When handling the devices, operator must be grounded. Grounded wrist straps be worn and should have at least 1MΩ of resistance near operators to ground to prevent shock hazard.

Workbenches where the devices are handled should be grounded and be provided with conductive table and floor mats.

When using measuring equipment such as a curve tracer, the equipment should also be grounded.

When soldering the devices, the head of a soldering iron or a solder bath must be grounded in other to prevent leak voltage generated by them from being applied to the devices.

The devices should always bestored and transported in our shipping containers or conductive containers, orbe wrapped up in aluminum foil. -澳门金沙js5