The company leaders went deep into the electrolytic capacitors
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The new plant of Xinyuan Electronic Electrolytic Capacitor Branch has entered the production stage. The general -金沙5wk登录平台

manager of the company, Yuan Weigang, is very concerned about the overall operation of the branch. -js57金沙

On the morning of September 6, he personally led the team to the new factory to inspect the production situation, -js金沙国际345

focusing on production. The equipment operation situation, production environment monitoring problems, safety

fire protection issues, and employee demand opinions have been comprehensively understood. It is required that a

branch factory must ensure the production quality of the products under the premise of improving production and

increasing production, and require all units to Care for the first place!

A new starting point will usher in new challenges! I believe that with the efforts of everyone, the electrolytic capacitor 

branch factory has the confidence to create new achievements, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive strength

 of production and manufacturing, and strive to create a better 30-year struggle for the New Yuan!