After the typhoon, we went all out to rescue the disaster.
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Typhoon No. 22, "mangosteen" surged, and the typhoon raged. After an outbreak of typhoon "baptism", 

September 17th morning sky gradually clear, due to adequate preparation, the company intact, as usual to start

 production.  the general manager Yuan Weigang was very concerned about the traces left by the typhoon. 

He rushed to the company at about 6:00 to inspect the situation of the whole plant after the disaster. 

After a comprehensive risk investigation, he convened an emergency "post-disaster rescue work" meeting between the 

responsible leaders of the respective districts and the director of the general manager, at 9:00, at which he briefed 

and all the affected areas in the factory respectively. Employee safety confirmed, the implementation of post-disaster

 relief work deployment, General Manager Yuan Weigang stressed: to do everything possible to quickly carry out the -金沙js7799

elimination of typhoon disaster scars work!-澳门金沙


After the typhoon, the people of the New Yuan Dynasty were determined to take an active part in the post-disaster

 scene. The leaders of each unit did their duty to strengthen the rectification of hidden dangers in all fields of the 

company without leaving any dead corners. They made a comprehensive investigation of the warehouses, doors 

and windows, display screens and areas easy to enter the water. Party members and cadres also played a leading 

and vanguard role. It is very difficult to clean up the trees and garbage on the disaster site with the help of -奥门金沙

obstacle removal tools. However, there is no complaint, no fear of dirt, no fear of fatigue, and all efforts to carry

 out disaster relief work, overcome difficulties, fully demonstrating the new Yuan peoples courage to shoulder 

heavy burdens, dare to shoulder the spirit of resolutely winning the typhoon relief war Service!