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material research test center

Our Company refer to the screening factory pattern of Gree electric appliances and established the material research test center which is responsible for new supplier development of raw materials, inspect and test the raw materials which is into the factory, and cooperate with the supplier to carry out the raw materials research and improvement projects and so on. This center introduced the domestic and foreign advanced testing instruments and equipment which can independently complete all the test and verification of key raw materials into the factory inspection items, the main testing equipments include RoHS teser, metallographic microscope, projection instrument, metal film pressure meter (50 point and element method), aluminum foil test No.6 voltage tester, etc. These are all the relatively advanced testing instruments within the industry. 

comprehensive laboratory

In order to ensure the precision of quality inspection, strictly monitor the quality of product. Laboratory has introduced ion chromatograph to -澳门金沙6165.cominspect precisely the control of chloride which in the production process-js金沙娱乐5009. At the same time in order to ensure the performance and life of products meet customer demand, Laboratory can be realized to the verified experiment for all kinds of capacitor endurance life. Among them, film capacitor durability test equipment -金沙2015cc下载is the self-made -金沙9882equipment with independent intellectual property rights for our company. At present, the laboratory is expanding from hardware, software, integrated management; implementing low temperature performance and other types test for IPM intelligent power module and all kinds of capacitors, building the first-class testing center of electronic components.