Innovative technology
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High ripple technology

Using the electrolyte with high conductivity and high flash fire voltage, and the composite electrolyte electrolytic paper with low ESR, high pressure Snap-in type-3016js金沙国际 products cancel the gasket which is in the bottom etc. design technology, technique reducing fever, speeding up product heat to achieve product large ripple resistance ability.

Rapid impregnation technology

For the aim of rapid penetration, using the ways of increase the pressure, decrease vacuum pressure, matching up with proper impregnation temperature, and the time period of advanced positive pressure and negative pressure combines together -金沙国际平台登录

Ultrasonic spot welding technology

Using ultrasonic principle, riveting the Gide chaff and  together, cuting off the phenomenon of power loss and non-capacity

Spin riveting laser welding technology

Using spin riveting laser welding technology, proceed dot laser welding on the basis of the spiral weld joint, ensure that the welding is reliable and have superior performance in high temperature for a long time load condition. 

No plastic core technology

Using cover plank design herringboned strengthening rib, clamping the upper thimble and the thimble at the bottom of the she-金沙网址j383ll to fix the core, cancel the traditional glue, achieve better heat dissipation effect, make the products have more superior performance. 

Multi-power aging technology

Using the current with multi-power scattered aging power, which can avoid aging current banged the products for over concentrated, improving the qualified rate of products aging process, the consistency of aging can get better effect.