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Cleaning Tips and How to Do Work

Cleaning Tips and How to Do Work

Cleaning needs a little attention and huge amounts of patience. Getting to those narrow corners in your storeroom can be tiring and time-consuming. For the daily maintenance and general upkeep of your homes and offices, you just require some cleaning tips that prove handy and useful in the hour of need.
Here are some quick tips exclusively for you:

•    Clean the handiwork of your kids - the crayon marks on your walls - by adding three tablespoons of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of water.
•    Use paint brushes for all those unreachable places on your electronics and telephones,
•    Candle wax on your walls and other surfaces can be removed with a combined strategy of a clothing iron and facial tissue. Put the tissue over the wax, gently iron it and see the difference for yourself.
•    Chewing gum can be dealt effectively by applying ice to harden the gum which can be easily scraped by a dull knife.
•    Blood stains can be removed by rinsing the stain in cold water followed by rubbing it with moistened corn starch and then leaving it in the sun.
•    Use shampoo for washing away the dirty neck rings around the collars of your shirts.
We hope these tips from Exterior Cleaning of SC can be of some use to you and help work smarter not harder.

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